Worldwide Yoga Retreat Photographer & Videographer

As a yoga photographer and videographer, I felt so excited when Ravi & Talita invited me to photograph and video their Yoga Retreat on the stunning island of Kefalonia, Greece.

Ravi is a true inspiration and a yogi guru. He completely healed himself from a devastating motor accident using yoga, meditation and holistic practices. A modern-day master in his field, with this beautiful magnetic energy that people from all over the world gravitate towards. When he speaks, he has all ears and he radiates joy and light.

The retreat was held on the breathtaking grounds of Vericoco-retreat hosted by Lena. The Villa is located only a 10-minute walk to crystal clear blue waters beach.

Ravi is one of the most amazing yoga teachers; with so much wisdom and knowledge about yogic traditions and philosophies.

I felt so welcomed, which helps me blend in and capture so many beautiful, humbling moments.

During the retreat, I was capturing photos and videos to get a feel of what it’s like to be at the retreat. I also got to try Ravi’s delicious Indian cooking, packed with fresh fruit and vegetable goodness and delectable taste!

Information on Ravi’s future retreats can be found here.

Enjoy the photos and video!

Yoga Retreat Promo Video


Ravi’s Yoga Retreat Testimonial Video


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