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Hi, I’m Andrew Prod, I am a contemporary portrait & wedding photographer. I am a dreamer, optimist and adventurer.

My Mission

My mission is to capture the important moments in our lives, giving you a piece of them to hold on to forever. The world has become a bit lost in the new digital age, and while it’s nice to appreciate a digital file, I focus on creating tangible products which give you an image that takes you back to that moment. The images that we create together will last a lifetime, and I want your great-grandchildren to cherish your images just as much as you will today.

For me, a photograph is more than just taking a picture; through an artistic vision I bring out the best version of you, full of expression and emotion.  I also provide coaching in feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera, a skill which will stay with you through your life.


Power and beauty exist in all of us, and I want to reflect that back to you through my images. I devote as much time as needed to your pre shoot consultation so that I can get to see your personality and decide how best to let it come to life during your session.

Every image I create is of equal importance to me. Whether it is your dream wedding, fitness, dance, yoga or your personal branding photoshoot, I dedicate my time and care in producing images that you will love.


I love what I do which is why I do it, so if you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

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Behind the Scenes

Creative, Fun, Artistic 

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