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The Brief

Lizzie is a Yoga teacher based in Winchester. She was planning her second Yoga retreat at Monte Velho Retreat Centre in Portugal. Lizzie contacted me to take photos and create a highlight video of her yoga retreat. The photos and videos will be used to promote her future retreats. She also wants to have the photos for her memories, as this is her first yoga retreat in Europe.

Lizzie also wanted a personal branding photoshoot and yoga portraits that she could use for her website and social media.

The Challenge

One significant challenge was that Lizzie, deeply dedicated to her students, didn’t want any photos taken during her yoga classes. She felt she couldn’t give her full attention and energy to the class if she knew photos were being taken of her.

The Solution 

As a yoga photographer with experience documenting yoga retreats and studio classes, I strive to be as unobtrusive as possible. I’m always mindful of the room’s energy and sensitive to individuals who may not want their photos taken. I recommend that yoga teachers inform students in advance if I will be photographing a class. This way, anyone uncomfortable with being photographed can make an informed decision.

The proposed solution for Lizzie was to host a separate 30-minute mini-yoga class specifically for photos and videos. This arrangement ensured that everyone attending was aware of the photography, allowing them to fully enjoy the session without any concerns about the photographer’s presence.

The Results

  • I provided Lizzie with 200 photos from the retreat documenting the yoga classes, guests having a good time and hiking activities,
  • 60 photos from Lizzie’s Personal Branding Photoshoot,
  • A 60-second highlight video.

Yoga Retreat Gallery

Highlight Promo Video From The Retreat

What Did The Client Have To Say?

If you want a Yoga Retreat Photographer to create marketing content for your business, please get in touch with me here to discuss your project.