Chalfont Wellness Clinic Photo & Video Shoot


As a London health and wellness photographer & videographer, I get inspired when wellness brands come to me to create fresh content to help promote their businesses.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Rakhee and her team. Rakhee is the clinic founder and principal osteopath of Chalfont Wellness Clinic and needed new photos and video content to use for her business.


The photography goal of the project was to photograph Rakhee in action working with her patients and also to get some personal branding portraits.

Video Goals

Rakhee wanted a promotional video of the clinic and working on her patients. Some of the shots to include were showcasing the clinic and the patient’s journey. This included the patient entering and being greeted by Rakhee.

The next step was to create demonstrational videos to show her patients’ self-massage techniques. These included nasal release, facial massage, neck massage and rotation exercises.

It was a fantastic project, and I am delighted with the final results.

Promotional Video




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Demonstration video


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