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2 Hours


Fitness branding Photographer

The Brief

Maria is a qualified Personal Trainer based in Central London. The goal of the photoshoot was to capture Maria’s fun and bubbly personality through her personal branding fitness portraits and training with one of her female fitness clients. Additionally, Maria intended to use her new photos on her website. The shoot took place at Gym Nation in London Bridge, where she trains some of her clients.

The Challenge

One of the challenges I faced was that because it was an active gym, I wanted to avoid getting in people’s way or getting people in the background of the shots.

The Solution 

We chose a time for the shoot during off-peak hours, which helped with the number of people in the gym. We also found pockets of space where other gym members weren’t using the equipment so we could set up without getting in anyone’s way.

The Results

We captured some fun, interactive photos of Maria training with her client. I also provided Maria with a few vertical video clips so she could use them for her Instagram reels showing how she trains with her clients.

We also successfully captured various photos of Maria training with different gym equipment and exercises and a few friendly and approachable portraits.

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Behind The Scenes

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What Did The Client Have To Say?

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