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4 Hours
Fitness coach photographer

The Brief

Grace Reuben is a fitness coach based in London and the founder of the Dare To Be Fit App. She contacted me for assistance in creating more professional-looking video content for her app. Grace had attempted to make the videos herself but wanted more from the results. Additionally, Grace wanted fresh personal branding photos that she could use on her app and social media platforms.

The goals were to film 5 to 10-second video clips of Grace demonstrating various fitness exercises for her fitness app.
Photos of Grace to reflect her personality and brand propositioning as an expert in her industry.

We filmed at the Fitness Workspace in Kensal Rise, London.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges I encountered when filming was finding the right angles to film some of the exercises because the gym mirrors showed me in the shots.
Also, because it was an overcast day, the gym was quite dark, and Grace wanted brighter-looking photos and videos.

The Solution 

To avoid being seen in the mirrors, I found the right angles and showed Grace clearly demonstrating the exercises.

I set up my LED lighting with a softbox to illuminate Grace, which also helps her stand out in the photos and videos.

The Results

We successfully created 46 video clips featuring various fitness exercises for Grace’s fitness app. These videos showcase the proper techniques for performing the exercises. The videos are of high quality and look fresh and appealing.

We photographed a good variety of posed and action-type photos showing different exercises, which she can use on her website and social media platforms to promote her app and fitness business.

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