A Wedding Family Photo Checklist For You And Your Photographer

Family Portrait Guide

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It is a great idea to work with your photographer to create a family portrait checklist which outlines specific family wedding photos you wish to take during the day. This does save a lot of time and stress on the wedding and allows the photographer enough time to plan how much time they need.

A tip to remember it takes 2-3 minutes per combination so if you have a list of 10 family photo combinations, allow 30 minutes in total.

Here is an example of a family portrait checklist:

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Siblings

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Parents

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Parents + Siblings

Bride + Groom + Both Parents

Bride + Groom + Grandparents

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Godparents

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Godparents

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Aunt(s) + Bride’s Uncle(s) + Bride’s Cousins

Bride + Groom + Groom’s Aunt(s) + Groom’s Uncle(s) + Groom’s Cousins

Group portraits

Once you know your family check list combination you wish to have, I recommend using the names as well with each combination. This insures that no one is missing from the photos and also gives the photographer an idea who is who.

For example

Bride + Groom + Bride’s Aunt(s) + Bride’s Uncle(s) + Bride’s Cousins

(B+G + Jane, Heather, Jack, Luke, Louise, Charlie)


Finalising your wedding photo list prior to your wedding day will ensure that your wedding portraits and family wedding photos go smoothly as possible and best of all, quickly.

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