UK Fruitfest 2019 Gallery, Photography by Andrew Prod Photography


London Vegan Photographer


Welcome to Uk Fruitfest 2019 gallery! I was super excited to be back at the Uk fruit festival, which was held on the stunning grounds of Croft Farm Waterpark in Gloucestershire.

Some of the speakers at the fruit festival included: Melissa Raimondi, Prof Rozalind Graham, Roger King, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram (fullyraw Kristina), Dr Doug Graham, Ted Carr, Dr Rick, Karin Dina, Chris Kendall, Harriet Kjaer, Jesse Bogdanovich and Reny Kattel.

Ronnie and his team did an amazing job organising this event again. I would highly recommend going as you will meet incredible people and of course eat plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables. I have also include a video to see some behind the scenes footage from the Uk Fruit Festival.

Enjoy the highlights below!

Behind The Scenes – Vlog