Pole Dancing Photoshoot by London Photographer Andrew Prod.


A little different from my usual type of shoot but certainly a fun one as I always enjoy being challenged in my work.  It also was a perfect opportunity to be creative with my lighting.

Our model (Rachel) wanted some creative and dramatic performance shots in her studio.  The shoot was definitely a lot of fun and a lot of hard work for Rachel who did well holding still whilst I adjusted lighting and camera angles – well done!

It was interesting to see the work that goes into this sport and it takes away a lot of stigmas that surround the subject.  There is definitely a not so ‘glamourous’ side to pole dancing that I got to see a glimpse of.  Nothing about it is easy I can assure you, particularly when you have

to pose for long periods of time too!!!!!

To get the dramatic look that you can see in her pictures the lighting set up was quite complex, but was well worth the effort to be able to create such beautiful images.

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