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Around 7 years ago I met Lisa. She was a personal trainer at LA Fitness in Southgate, North London. It has been great to see her fitness business grow over the years with her hard work and dedication.  She has now got her own gym and trains small groups of fitness classes.

Lisa contacted me looking for some professional fitness photos for her website and social media, showing her in action during her fitness classes. Lisa knows the importance of professional images to help promote and connect with future clients, she wanted to show the connection between her and her clients during personal training sessions.

I’m excited to see Lisa’s gym, fitness hub 21, grow over the coming years.

If you are looking to invest in professional photos to grow your business then please contact me here and we can discuss ideas and customise a personalised photoshoot for you.

Enjoy some of the highlights from Lisa’s personal training photoshoot.

To see the final images on Lisa’s website please click here


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