Mojos kitchen food photography

I love working with passionate restaurant owners who take great pride in using fresh and locally seasonal ingredients. Mojo’s Kitchen is based in North London, Southgate and is extremely easy to get to as it’s only 2 minutes walk from Southgate tube station.


The food and cocktail photography took place during the day and evening to create different moods as Mojo’s kitchen offers breakfast, Lunch, evening meals and cocktails.

A note from Gary the restaurant owner.

Welcome to Mojo’s Kitchen. We are a family owned business and family is at the heart of everything we do.

It’s been our mission to create a relaxed environment for the whole family to enjoy outstanding food and drink.

We care passionately about the quality of the food and drink we serve and over the last few years we have built up an network of suppliers that care as much as we do!

We use specialist beans selected by some of the finest roasters in the country.

We buy quality, roast fresh, grind fresh, weigh shots and taste plenty to ensure you get the best cup possible – rich and satisfying every single time. Our coffee is for those who value craftsmanship and quality above convenience and cost.