Ibiza Dream Photoshoot By, Ibiza Portrait Photographer Andrw Prod.


I was inspired to go on a ‘Yoga Fit Retreats‘ based in Ibiza after meeting the team at ‘Move Fit’ in Excel this year.

Whilst at the retreat, I heard that a member of the team’s daughter (Chloe) had a new dress and wanted to have some pictures taken in it. I approached her and asked if she would like to have her portraits taken, but she told me she was too camera shy. I knew there and then that I had to convince her to get in front of my camera, I reminded her that behind our fears can be something wonderful and the shoot was exactly that… and more.

Chloe was delighted with the images and loved the experience of being photographed!

One of my favourite quotes is;

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek” (Joseph Campbell)

Here are some of our favourites from Chloe’s Ibiza portraits.