Big Fun Walk 2016 – Raising money for North London Hospice. Photography by Andrew Prod.

Hello and a warm welcome to my Big Fun Walk 2016 photography blog. The walk started from East Finchley station in North London through London’s Royal Parks and finishing at Storey’s Gate, Westminster.

We followed most of walk so we could capture the feel for the walk and some of the beautiful locations along the way. The weather did hold out and we even got some sunshine at the top of Primrose hill, which was the perfect spot for some group photos. It was a really nice walk and met some wonderful people along the way.

A little note from Tracy
“Thank you to everyone who participated, helped organise, marshal and steward at the Big Fun Walk. Without such dedication from our supporters and volunteers this event simply would not happen and we are so grateful.
A lovely day was had by all and we are set to raise a large amount of money for the Hospice, so don’t forget to send in your sponsor money in.
Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.”

For any enquires you can contact Andrew here.

Enjoy the photos from the Big Fun Walk 🙂



_D819524 _D819525 _D819527 _D819528 _D819529 _D819531 _D819534 _D819536 _D819539 Big Fun walk 3 Big Fun Walk 1 _D819551 _D819553 _D819554 _D819555 _D819559 _D819563 _D819565 _D819566 _D819572 _D819574 _D819576 _D819579 _D819584 _D819588 _D819595 _D819597 _D819600 _D819602 _D819613 Big Fun Walk 2 Big Fun walk 4 _D819620 Big Fun Walk _D819630 _D819631 _D819635 _D819638 _D819645 _D819647 _D819651 _D819652 _D819656 _D819660 _D819663 _D819666 _D819668 _D819672 _D819673 _D819675 _D819681 _D819683 _D819684 _D819688 _D819690 _D819692 _D819696 _D819698 _D819707 _D819708 _D819715 _D819718 _D819728 _D819730 _D819731 _D819733 _D819734 _D819737 _D819741 _D819750 _D819755 _D819757 _D819762 _D819765 _D819772 _D819773 _D819774 _D819776 _D819779 _D819792 _D819801 _D819803 _D819805 _D819808 _D819818 _D819819 North London Hospice _D819831 _D819832 Primrose hill _D819841 _D819845 _D819847 _D819851 primrose hill 2 _D819857 _D819860 _D819873 _D819879 _D819884 _D819889 _D819891 _D819902 _D819911 _D819913 _D819916 _D819923 _D819931 _D819932 _D819937 _D819941 _D819943 _D819946 _D819955 _D819957 _D819962 _D819969 _D819975 _D819979 _D819987 _D810003 _D810017 _D810020 _D810028 Andrew Prod Photography _D810041 _D810042 _D810045 _D810047 _D810053 _D810054 _D810056 _D810059 _D810064 _D810066 _D810068 _D810072 _D810095 _D810098 _D810101 _D810103 _D810108 _D810110 _D810112 _D810113 _D810127 _D810129 _D810137 _D810141 _D810143 _D810150 _D810151 _D810157 _D810162 _D810167 _D810171 _D810173 _D810174 _D810177 _D810178 _D810182 _D810187 _D810190 _D810196 _D810201 _D810206 _D810214 _D810218 _D810223 _D810226 _D810234 _D810239 _D810240 _D810243 _D810244 _D810247 _D810251 _D810253 _D810254 _D810261 _D810263 _D810266 _D810267 _D810268 _D810269 _D810271 _D810274 _D810278 _D810279 _D810285 _D810287 _D810292 _D810294 _D810297 _D810301 _D810304 _D810305 _D810306 _D810307 _D810311 _D810323 _D810325 _D810326 _D810328 _D810329 _D810332 _D810337 _D810338 _D810340 _D810341 _D810342 _D810345 _D810347 _D810351 _D810353 _D810354 _D810364 _D810369 _D810371 _D810372 _D810377 _D810378 _D810379 _D810380 _D810386 _D810395 _D810396 _D810398 _D810401 _D810402 _D810407 _D810408 _D810409 _D810410 _D810412 _D810418 _D810420 _D810425 _D810426 _D810427 _D810429 _D810431 _D810432 _D810437 _D810440 _D810441 _D810442 Big Fun Walk 2